Bertol Arrieta Kortajarena


A native of Zarautz who lives in Donostia, a writer who studied computer science. A two meters tall man, a two children's parent, and a two sides' coin: playful and provocative at times, melancholic and hypersensitive at others. "Don't do it, just in case" is said to be the worst advice he's been given; since then, he enjoys new challenges: he started writing story books, jumped into children's and youth literature, then came his first novel ("Gezurra berdaderoa"), and after that he insisted on comics ("L'écume des nuages", his first graphic novel, coauthor with Sandra Garayoa, has recently been published in Basque, Spanish and French, presenting in Angouleme, January 2023). And now what? Now the theater! Since he won the "Café bar Bilbao" small theather competition, he dreams of seeing one of his plays on stage. And he has no intention of giving up.

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